Here to Serve!

John and Cathy Weitner


Co-Founders of Crystal Ridge Dream Center


For many years Cathy has had a heart to share God’s love through Jesus, in real, tangible ways, not only with words, but with deeds of love and kindness. She desired to have a place, where people could come, if they had need of food/clothing or other physical necessities. Her heart was to share the Gospel of Love with people, so they would know that God truly loves them, and has a good plan for their lives. This would be a place of prayer & healing, and a place where relationships could experience reconciliation and healing!  


Cathy held on to this dream while waiting for God’s timing. She met Kathy Sloggett and two of her daughters - Annaliese and Gina, and heard the dream in their heart for Crystal Beach, for over 20 years! She realized, this was the time to move forward together with them, as they all had the same desire, to see lives transformed by the power of God’s love.


John has been completely supportive of his wife’s dream, and has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, to help make it become a reality. As a successful entrepreneur, John desires to be a blessing to others, and to make a lasting impact in his community. 

Kathy Sloggett, SSW


Co-Founder of Crystal Ridge Dream Center 

Director of Total Freedom Program 


Kathy is a resident of Ridgeway/ Crystal Beach area. Ever since she was young, she was drawn to Crystal Beach, always telling her mother that one day when she grew up, that she would live here. Growing up as a USA, Air Force child, she lived all over the world. Surely, this was a seed planted by God in her heart!

Kathy moved into the community when her children were young and they attended elementary school in Crystal Beach. Being a part of the community she was able to see clearly the needs and the hearts of the people. This is when her life changed and the passion and desire to serve others started! 

Her journey began while she attended World Impact Bible Institute and from there she started a Pastorial Internship at the Buffalo N.Y. Dream Center. This is where she learned how to serve a community to its fullest capacity, and what was required to serve in the Kingdom of God. As a single mom, Kathy returned to the workforce and then attended Niagara College in the field of Social Work with her youngest daughter, Gina. 

After graduation, Kathy was blessed with the opportunity to serve her community as the Indigenous, Criminal Courtworker. She was able to impart and impact her community in a different way than she had ever imagined. She worked throughout the courts and jail system in the Niagara Region and Cayuga, learning the criminal justice system, which in turn enabled her to meet the needs of the people incarcerated, where the number of people with addictions and mental health issues is extremely high. 

Helping people that are enslaved to their addictions became a passion for Kathy. 

Through partnership with Total Freedom Ministries, she brings an Alternative Addiction Program to our community, which is Christ centred, and proven to bring healing and restoration to families and individuals enslaved by the cycles of addiction and destructive behaviour.

Unfortunately the world sees addiction and mental health issues as a disease, when it's actually a spiritual battle. You can't fight what you can't see! 

As Director of Total Freedom Crystal Beach, Kathy is pleased to bring this program to our community.

Gina Sloggett, SSW


  Co-Founder of Crystal Ridge Dream Center 

Director of Outreach 

Gina is a resident of the Ridgeway/Crystal Beach area. Since the age of 8, she’s been involved in various outreach ministries across the Niagara Region and in Buffalo New York. Her heart’s desire has always been to show God’s love to the broken hearted, whether it was feeding the homeless, gathering clothes for children in need or simply offering a listening ear. 

Gina is a single mother of two children who attend school in Ridgeway. She’s experienced first-hand, the many challenges that families in this area face every day. By the grace of God, she’s able to share her testimony in hopes of inspiring others that with God, all things are possible. Gina graduated Niagara College in the field of Social Work. Most recently, she successfully completed her third-year as an intern, at Light City School of Ministry in Fort Erie. She faithfully served in the Children’s Ministry assisting with the day to day operations as well in curriculum development. Being an intern gave Gina the opportunity to partake on a two-week Missions trip to Gulu, Uganda. It is there where she realized how far the love of God would take her. 

Gina’s love for children & youth has inspired her to envision a safe place for them to gather.

 A place where they could simply be themselves and let their walls down. 

Annaliese Vetere B.A., CDA


 Co-Founder of Crystal Ridge Dream Center  

Director of Moms Supporting Moms Program 

Since the age of 8, Annaliese has had a deep desire to serve others.  After giving her life to Jesus at the age of 9, God began to fill her heart with big dreams for His kingdom and what role she would play in seeing His will come to pass, for her community and beyond.  

It was in Annaliese’s role as a mother that she truly stepped into the calling of God over her life. After the birth of her second daughter, she found herself in a battle for her life suffering from untreated postpartum anxiety.  

Annaliese realized,as she attempted to reach out for help, that there is a huge lack of support for moms who are struggling, that the sense of community among mothers was broken and something had to be done to change this.   

It was from this very trying time that Moms Supporting Moms was birthed.    

Through Moms Supporting Moms, it is Annaliese’s desire to encourage Mothers in our community to overcome whatever obstacle stands in front of them by helping them build their faith and trust in God, and to see families supported through whatever hardships they may face.  

Annaliese resides in Fort Erie with her husband Frank and their two daughters Valentina and Rosalie. 

Sue McFarlane


Foundations for Living Coordinator

Sue came to Canada in 1979 settled in Ridgeway, Ontario where she and her husband raised their four children.  She is grandmother of five.   

Professional qualifications include teaching and an ordained minister.   

In the early years she taught locally with the Niagara South Board of Education. She designed and implemented a successful ‘latch key’ program for at risk, school children which originally ran in the Fort Erie and Crystal Beach libraries before being taken over by the YMCA.   

Foundations for Living – F4L, was 

co-authored and successfully taught for several years at Victory International Church in Hamilton.  This ten-week program teaches the practical fundamentals of Christianity.     

Sue has traveled extensively and has lived on several continents, so has a love and sensitivity for people of diverse culture and customs.   She took specialized training to teach English to students of other languages.  (TESOL). 

Pastor Brad and Dr. Donna Poirier


Director of Senior Youth 

Pastor Brad and Dr. Donna are dedicated parents to four beautiful daughters and two grand children. As a family, they have all seen and experienced the goodness of God in their lives and have overcome many obstacles by the Grace of God.

Pastor Brad and Dr. Donna have been serving in the ministry for close to 30 years and have always relied on Gods grace and mercy to burn a clear path for them to succeed and grow. They have both devoted a large portion of their ministry life to youth and young adults between the ages of 14 to 30. Both of their hearts have been to support, encourage and assist individuals to recognize the beauty that God has placed on the inside of everyone and to show them how precious they are to God. 

 For over 10 years, Brad has been licensed through the Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers (CFCM) which is an elite group of ministers dedicated to reaching the nation of Canada by raising strong leaders within the church. Brad’s ministry experience includes 15 years of Youth leadership, College and careers leadership, missions to various places in India and Africa as well as serving in his local church.  Pastor Brad has a desire to reach the hearts of those living in Crystal Beach and the Fort Erie area by utilizing the education and knowledge that he has gathered through the years to serve the needs of the community. Pastor Brad is also a talented musician with a heart to serve the Lord with his musical talent by spending some time teaching in the School of Music and Performing Arts.  


Dr. Donna Poirier DNP, PHCNP, FNP-C

School of Music and Performing Arts Director

Dr. Donna is an individual who is full of adventure, strength and passion. She was raised in Stevensville/Ridgeway and attended Ridgeway Crystal Beach High School. She is a talented and gifted vocalist, musician, song writer, playwright, and skillful theatre producer. She has a strong desire to help others unlock their own talents in music and theatre that they may not be aware of. With the assistance of other educators in this area, every individual will be able to grow in the knowledge of music and theatre. Dr. Donna believes that God has placed gifts and talents inside of everyone with the ability to grow, develop and share those abilities with others, no matter what kind of past they have had. She knows that everyone is beautiful, unique and special.  In order to aid in the growth of others in this area, Dr. Donna is constructing “The School of Music and Performing Arts”.  She knows that God has a plan and a purpose for every individual and she wants to help others realize how extraordinary they truly are through music and theatre. 

Together with their 4 daughters they will continue to serve Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as they all do their part in fulfilling their personal call at the Crystal Ridge Dream Center. 

Destiny Poirier Sawatzky


Director Navigation Coordinator and Junior Youth 

Destiny is a wife and mother of two. She is driven by heart of compassion and is wise beyond her years.  She was raised in Ridgeway with her 3 younger sisters who all attended Ridgeway Crystal Beach High School. She has been serving in the ministry at a local church for 13+ years with the last 7 being dedicated to serving young and vulnerable youth within the Fort Erie area. Her heart to help people propels her forward into doing more for Kingdom of God. She is very gifted at navigating individuals and partnering them through local service providers in order to help individuals receive the assistance they need in order to better their lives. 

Destiny is a graduate of Community and Justice services which has provided her with the resources, skills and knowledge to deal with difficult and sensitive situations.  Her training along with her passion has Propelled her forward into what she believes is a big part of the call of God on her life: to help the victims of human trafficking. Destiny has a longing in her heart to help every individual live free, safe and heal from the traumas that abuse and trafficking can cause.  She wants everyone to know and experience Gods love for them and live the best life they can live.

Serenity Poirier


AAB and Life Skills  Coordinator

Serenity is a vibrant enthusiastic young lady who has many passions. She was raised in Ridgeway with her 3 sisters and attended Ridgeway High School She was involved in the ministry with her parents for as long as she can remember. She is currently in school at Brock University majoring in Outdoor Recreation and Leisure Studies where she is gaining understanding and skill in the areas of program development in both an outdoor and community setting.

She is also majoring in ancient languages where she has learned to read and write Ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Latin with the hope to participate in archaeological explorations across seas.

She is talented at organizing and preparing for events and everyday life skills. She is passionate about empowering people with education and knowledge to reach their goals and dreams and to live their best lives. Her heart is for the youth of this area where she hopes her education and knowledge will help to change the lives in the Crystal Beach, Ridgeway area. She has attended Bible College in Saskatoon Saskatchewan where she took biblical studies and music both in theory and practical application.

She is a strong independent Godly woman who wants to do her part to aid in bringing God's unconditional love to the lives of all of those around her.

Hope Poirier


Director of Creative Worship

Hope is an energetic very compassionate young lady who has a strong desire to see 

others use their gifts and talents beyond their personal set limits. She was raised in Ridgeway with her 3 sisters and attended Ridgeway Crystal Beach High School. She was submersed in the ministry with her parents her whole life. She is a nursing school graduate with honours and is currently working on an inpatient Mental Health Unit. She desires to see individuals free from addictions and mental health issues that hold them back from living in their full, endless potential. As she works towards her many goals, one of her greatest desires is to take part in Global Health Expeditions and participate in research regarding sustainable healthcare internationally. She has big personality with a huge heart of compassion.

As part of the Crystal Ridge Dream Center, Hope has a beautiful gift when it comes to creative worship and aspires to show others the potential in their hearts and lives to express their own creative worship to Jesus. She is a resilient, liberated Godly young woman who desires to share the beauty of expressive worship with others of all ages.

Theo Joseph Jakabffy


Rippling Acts of Kindness (RAK) Coordinator


Theo Joseph Jakabffy is fun loving guy who has been in the Crystal Beach/Ridgeway area for  20 years, in other words, for most of his life. He attended Ridgeway Crystal Beach High School where a big part of his experiences helped him become who he is today. 

Theo became a Christian about 7 years ago and since then, his life has taken a dramatic 180 turn into a whole new direction. He has served in his local church faithfully in many areas of ministry and a big part was where he assisted in the youth ministry. 

Although he loves to serve the Lord in any way he can, Theo’s biggest desire is sharing Gods forgiveness and love with others through what he calls "Rippling Acts of kindness (RAK)"  

His desire for this started when he was child and a random stranger did a random kind act for him. At the time, Theo was not in a position to pay back or “return the favour” nor did this person expect him to. This person just wanted to love on Theo. 

Theo didn't understand what that meant until he was bold enough to do a random act of kindness himself. He stepped out and showed a random person that they are worth being kind to, that they are worth being loved. No matter how big or how small the “Act of Kindness” is, the fact that acts of kindness comes from the heart. It doesn't want nor need anything in return because the main purpose is to show love. Gods love! Theo's desire is to not just do Random acts of kindness but that those random acts will turn into RIPPLING acts, like it did for him. Where the hearts of the people in this amazing town get so rocked and overwhelmed by our genuine, unconditional love, that these acts turn into RIPPLING ACTS OF KINDNESS. No longer random. Theo's heart is for Love and kindness to become the new norm. One Rippling act of kindness at a time.

Karen Krawczyk


Total Freedom Program Facilitator


Ephesians 1:17-20

Karen has lived in the Crystal Beach, Fort Erie region all her life.

For 35 years she has been working at Intercede International, a Christian Mission charity based in Fort Erie ON. She is a Public Relations representative for the organization and serves as director of the Sponsorship program for the hurting and needy children, and families throughout the world.

Working there has given Karen the opportunity to travel to Africa, and Haiti seeing first-hand the needs of so many. Her heart was so moved by it that it set her on a path to not only help those in other countries but to reach out and help the hurting in her own community. 

Karen has served with leadership at churches for over 20 years and currently is a member at Crystal Ridge Community Church in Crystal Beach. She serves there as a member of the worship team, treasurer, and is on the board of directors. 

Her passion in life is Jesus Christ! Karen has a deep desire to live for Him and, to serve the people of her community. She wants people to know and experience God's goodness, love and power. She is driven to help people see the beauty in living for the King of all Kings. 

This is the heart of Karen. She is compelled and motivated to help others see their potential … unlock it and help them on their journey. She is convinced that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not a gospel of do’s and don’ts, but a gospel that will equip and empower people to live a life above what they could ever imagine or think! Karen knows Jesus is the answer to life's struggles. He is the only one who can take a broken life and make it a beautiful one. 

She knows this because Karen herself came from a place of brokenness. Bound by fear, failures, addictions and a deep need to be loved and accepted. ONLY when she found Jesus did her brokenness heal . . . her fear was conquered . . . her failures were put behind her and she found the freedom from addictions that dominated her life. Karen found the love and acceptance that she searched for in Jesus Christ. True, lasting freedom, peace, joy and unconditional love is in only found in Christ.